Water Quality Monitoring

The RCCD Water Quality Monitoring Program that began in 1999 has been continued, but on a reduced frequency. The Water Quality Coordinator and volunteers collect a variety of data, including chemistry, stream flow, macro-invertebrate assessments, and complete habitat assessment evaluations at 10 monitoring sites along the Rock Creek channel.

Water quality monitoring reports can be viewed at the following links:

2005 RCCD WQM News (PDF)

2007 RCCD WQM News (PDF)

2008 RCCD WQM News (PDF)

2010 RCCD WQM News (PDF)

2011 RCCD WQM News (PDF)

2013 RCCD WQM News (PDF)

2014 RCCD WQM News (PDF)

2015 RCCD WQM News (PDF)