RCCD Annual Meeting Report 2024 Booklet

The RCCD will hold its next quarterly meeting on Thursday, March 14, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. at the Liberty Center Fire Department, 2954 West Market Street, Liberty Center.  The public is invited to attend, seating is limited. 

The Rock Creek Conservancy District was established by court proceedings in 1966, with the support of more than 60% of the landowners within the watershed, to manage reconstruction activities and maintain the works of improvements.

The Rock Creek watershed contains a drainage area of 61,020 acres located in Wells and Huntington Counties, Indiana. The purpose of the Rock Creek project was to reduce upstream flooding and to provide an adequate outlet for the watershed area. Construction began in the spring of 1969, and the project was completed in 1975. The Rock Creek is the outlet for many lateral tiles and open drains.

The District is managed by a board of five directors, who are residents within the Rock Creek watershed and are acquainted with drainage matters. The Board of Directors are: Robert Mautz (Huntington Co.); Roger Irick (Huntington Co.); Roger McAfee (Wells Co.); Mike Schumm (Wells Co.); and Jeff Prible (Wells Co.).

Rock Creek Improvements

The Rock Creek Conservancy District (RCCD) performs a variety of maintenance measures on the Rock Creek and its tributaries. Those items include replacing or installing new pipes, clearing accumulations of brush and downed trees from the channel, and an annual spray program that is completed on approximately 1/2 of the creek each year.

The RCCD Water Quality Monitoring Program that began in 1999 has been continued, but on a reduced frequency. The Water Quality Coordinator and volunteers collect a variety of data, including chemistry, stream flow, macro-invertebrate assessments, and complete habitat assessment evaluations at 10 monitoring sites along the Rock Creek channel.

Landowners are encouraged to report maintenance needs to the Directors, or the Rock Creek Conservancy District Contracting Officer, Chase Gray at 260/228-0992.

For more information on the water monitoring project or for the monitoring results, contact the RCCD Monitoring Coordinator, Steve Stauffer at 260/307-6151, or view the Water Quality Monitoring page.

Easements and Right-of-Ways

The Rock Creek Conservancy District has a permanent easement and right-of-way of 75 to 125 feet each side of the Rock Creek, measured from the center of the channel, and on some of its tributaries.  This easement and right-of-way is for the purpose of construction and maintenance of the works of improvement.  Landowners retain full possession and control of their land.

Gateway Dashboard

The Gateway online dashboard is Indiana’s transparency portal that  displays summary information about political subdivisions, including revenues, expenditures, and assessed values.  Information about the Rock Creek Conservancy District can be found through this site.



Chase Gray – Contracting Officer

Pamela K. Gregory – Financial Clerk

Steve Stauffer – Water Monitoring Program Coordinator