Roger Irick (Appointed 2023-2027)  Board Vice Chairman Robert Mautz (Appointed 2021-2025)
Mike Schumm (Elected 2021-2025)  Board Chairman
Jeff Prible (Elected 2022-2026)
Roger McAfee (Elected 2020-2024)

Rock Creek Conservancy District Directors

The Rock Creek Conservancy District is managed by a board of five directors who are residents within the Rock Creek watershed and are acquainted with drainage matters. The directors serve a term of 4 years.  The current Board of Directors are: I – Robert Mautz (Huntington Co.); II – Roger Irick (Huntington Co.); III – Mike Schumm (Wells Co.); IV – Jeff Prible (Wells Co.) and V – Roger McAfee (Wells Co.).

RCCD Director Areas

Filling vacancies on the board:

At each annual meeting of the district, directors shall be elected to fill vacancies on the board due to expiration of terms, resignation, or otherwise following the Indiana Conservancy District Act, Sec. 5 (IC 14-33-5).  However, when there is a single nominee for the election to the board to represent an area, that nominee is considered elected.  If there is only one (1) nominee for election to the board for each area for which a director is to be elected, then the election is not required to be held, and each of the nominees is considered elected to the area as if the election had been held.

If the nominations are not advertised, or no nominations are received, the RCCD can petition the Wells Co. Commissioners to appoint a member to the board.

Click here for the Indiana Conservancy District Act